RF (July 26,1977 / Baltimore, MD)

Those Simple Words....

Someone broke my heart so long ago,
Now I find it hard to even say those special words.
Even to the kindest of children who mean me no harm,
can I tell them I love them cause I feel like its brakeing my heart.

My mother tells me daily the love she feels for me,
But my friend I tell you this I can't even say it to she.

It's like someone took a hammer and broke my heart in two,
And now I'm left with nothing only a shawdow of someone I long ago knew.

If they only could understand, its not them who cause this pain.
It's the one who left, and decided he didn't feel the same.

I know they wish it was different and that the words would just come,
Even now I sit and wonder will I ever feel that for someone.

They say that time heals everything, I find that hard to believe,
Because even now I'm going on year number three.

They say treat yourself to dinner, be kind to yourself.
I'd rather watch T.V alone by myself.

I know, I know it will get better soon. I still don't buy it,
How about you?

A quote I once heard, 'It is better to have loved & lost then to have never loved at all' I'll be damed if I think that,
Cause I never got up from this fall.

by Rachel Fogle

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