(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Those Tease And Chase Days Are Done

These are not the times,
To hunt to find new places to play...
Old games like hide and seek.
Those tease and chase days are done!
There are very few who still view that as appealing.
Count me in as being among them.

Secrets deployed,
That claws with a grip that rips,
To shred happiness to bits...
Is not the kind of relationship,
I am going to settle for!
Not when I know where all the doors for an exit are.

And to be angered until a steaming bitterness explodes...
Exposing a crazed 'NEGRO'! ?
I would say African-American...
But that might offend some 'blacks' still in indecision.
And I have long stopped pausing to adorn,
A suitable depiction of myself to express disgust.

Nothing about me I feel for you,
Will be hidden to inflate a disrespect.
You just can not avoid the taste,
Of unexpected hatred too identified
With calls to unite our indifferences.
Or rally to march to profess a self forgiveness.
I will not be delivering that time to give.
Not anymore.
I repeat...
Those tease and chase days are done!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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