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'Those' (This Is Not A Poem)
(1989 / Tehran-Iran)

'Those' (This Is Not A Poem)

I am talking about

Those who make you feel good about yourself, those who encourage you to be a better person by pointing out your negatives in a way that motivates you to improve,

those who give you the confidence to be yourself around them and show who you really are and those who try to understand you and give you the time and reason you need to gain that 'trust',

those who are happy to see you succeed and help you in your way to it (even if its only by listening) ,

those who are looking for something deep, meaningful AND FUN,

those who make you feel happy and make you see the world in an optimistic way by giving you the 'energy',

those who give you the power to actually feel that you 'CAN',

those who are honest no matter what, who tell you what they really feel and are not afraid to show their true feelings, those who respect your thoughts and let you know about theirs,

those who are responsible for their actions and care for your feelings,

those who let you talk, and really listen to what you're saying, and try talking to you themselves,

those who see their own faults and swallow their pride in order to keep and improve their relationship and those who let go of some of their bad habits, and if not bad, habits that make you feel hurt,

those who let you know about your good qualities and give you the self esteem to let go of your shyness and the 'stop signs' in your head,

THOSE my friend! .. those are people you should do everything in your power not to lose (IF you ever find one)

and do your best to be one of those people yourself! 

Soha Bayat Kheradmand

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