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Those Walls

For you it’s just another day
Surrounded by the same school walls
For me it’s a call of glaring light
An entrance to old ways of life
Every visit that I long for
In my old schools warming walls
Is a break from realistic ways
A highlight of simplistic days
It’s a chance to run away
From an unbearable surrounding
That tares my sense of confidence away
The distance far from soothing
Not as close as wished
Won’t keep my heart from filling
The wishes that are sadly missed
I’ll run, I’ll run forever
To find old comfort in those walls
To feel that passion wrap me
In it’s continuous flow
With in those walls are people
Creating the spirit that I hold
Those people in the name of friends
That makes me feel complete again
With them I feel my energy
My power one more time
I wish to be close near them
As my eyes long for their sight
And loneliness for their compassion
These people I will honour
With a simple touch of love
With my consistent presence always in their hearts
They’ll stay with me forever
So close in spirit yet physically to far away
But bearable enough then never seeing them again
To them it’s just another day
In those same, old school warming walls
For me it’s just another day
In a different, unwelcoming surrounding

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Pablo Neruda

If You Forget Me

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