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Those We Ought To Fear

Any government should not have nuclear weapons that's how it seems to me
Though with such an opinion many may not agree
Uranium is a thing that should be left in the ground
Even for nuclear power it can be risky in nuclear reactors danger abound
Those with nuclear weapons at their disposal are those we ought to fear
And to a war between nuclear powers we have never been as near
One nuclear bomb can kill millions of people and reduce a great city to dust
Those with weapons of destruction are not worthy of our trust
Those who have weapons of mass destruction to the cause of peace cannot be true
Such people not worthy of our trust and respect though they believe such is their due
Even democratically elected governments such weapons should never possess
I fear and mistrust them and me they fail to impress
One act of aggression and a World Nuclear War could begin
A war that billions would die in and that no one would win.

by Francis Duggan

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