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Those Were The Days

Oh, how it seems such a lifetime ago
.....When the fields became green with new birth
A place where gazelles once danced
A place where lovers romanced
.....Where Sparrows nested safely upon Mother Earth.

Oh, how it seems such a lifetime ago
.....When the yellowing daffodils did bloom
A place where crickets made music so sweet
A place where the butterfly & bee could meet
.....Where happiness lived & fear did not have any room.

Where the sunlight cast it's buttery rays
Where the moon forever shined
Where our summering shoulders simply shimmered
Where 'joy' was all that we could find.

Oh, how it seems such a lifetime ago
.....When Nature nurtured all of planet Earth
A place where tree roots laid deeply down
A place where a families ties of forever were found
.....Where families recognized loves true worth.

Where there were no fractures or breakups
Where there were no divisions or bad words
Where there once was genuine caring & love
Where 'estrangement' was a word never heard.

By, Theodora Onken

June 19,2016

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Susan, thank you so very much for your encouraging words. You always make me feel good even with writes that i am not that crazy about....tried to rework this every which way....edit, and go over again and again, but this is what i ended up with-the final product. Had so many feelings directing me all at once. You are a dear and ever so generous with your comments. Poemhunter is truly blessed to have a writer here that is more than kind, generous, and brilliant. You make coming here to write a wonderful experience once again. Theo
Theodora! This is such a lovely poem that you have created out of the beauty of your heart and soul. Line after line of the abundance of blessings outside that God created for us to enjoy, to restore our souls, to give us peace. Line after line of how young lovers see that world- this is an amazing piece of composition. I could see- -well, actually I could hear- - this poem being the impetus for a symphony, it sings with joy until the last 4 lines that cast dark clouds onto the horizon. 10 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++