MN (11-08-1970 / )

Those Were The Days

I used to get the shivers
each time you would come near.
It used to be that just your voice
was all that I could hear.

I wish we could go back there.
When love was so brand new.
The only thing that mattered
was simply loving you.

You set my soul afire
with just a simple gaze.
I need to feel the flames again!
Oh God, those were the days!

We were so very young then.
We both just turned sixteen.
At the point of physical perfection.
We were both so young and lean.

So many years behind us.
Three kids, the stress and such.
Our lives are just so busy.
We rarely even touch.

We quickly kiss 'Hello there.'
'See ya later' or 'Goodnite'.
We rarely have the energy
to even have a fight.

We just need to rekindle
the fire that burns within.
I'm hoping you will see this
as a plea for us to win.

by Mary Nagy

Comments (5)

This is a wonderful poem. Besides its technical merit (considerable) , the message is universal. Can we please, please realise how much we mean to each other? How is it that familiarity with a sight breeds blindness? 10, and 20 if the site allowed it.
It's the physicality of familiarity the kills the fire of love
Perhaps 'the flames that burn within'? ? ? ? ? Superb poem. Really lovely. H
a well worn path travelled by many lovers and so well done by a very good poet Warm regards AJS
Hang in there, Mary, I'm certain you and your husband still have all the same magic.