Those Who Have Seen The King

Those who have seen the King
Talk about Lord.
Generation is redeemed
if you are alone.

I do want to serve the Tsar -
Only through my neighbors.
But to serve them really right -
I have to content them.

You should kill your own 'I'
(though it's impossible) . -
put forward the people around
and you'll conquer falsehood.

In egoism - there is your death,
Pal - angel of life.
It's a Law. And you may check.
And receive High Light

Те, что видели Царя, -
говорят о Боге.
Поколение спасать
может одинокий.

Я хочу Царю служить,
только через ближних.
Только чтобы им служить -
надо ублажить их.

Собственное 'я' убей
(это невозможно) . -
и поставь вперед людей -
победишь над ложью.

В эгоизме- твоя смерть,
в ближнем - ангел жизни.
Это как Закон. Проверь.
Свет получишь Вышний.

by Liza Sud

Comments (2)

after the I the Other is exhalted! as ONE you are on fire!
This poem shows your heart is in the right place, as we say in English. But it is a quality of your personality not to become secure or proud of your situation, that is, you question your actual spiritual condition, uncertain that is in accord with God. You share this attitude with many saints who N-E-V-E-R called themselves holy or rerdeemed. Only less rigorous believers assert their holiness! So I see in this poem a second layer which is refereshingly humble and endearing. (Our Garden Angel agrees with me! !)