Those Who Lie Don'T Fly That High

Those who lie don't fly that high.
Even with their clipped wings taped.
Seen participating and prepared to celebrate,
In the process of falsifying truth.
To keep truth disguised and held hostage.
Those who lie don't fly that high.

Those who lie don't fly that high.
To believe they can remain,
Hiding behind deceptions to use to crucify...
Those who clearly see them,
As excuse and alibi makers on the loose.
Seeking to borrow quick doses of empathy.

Those who lie will eventually try,
To escape while portraying innocence...
As a weapon to convince many unconscious,
Of the nonsense they've created...
With wishes not to be associated or implicated,
To initiated conflicts pre-meditated and planned.

Yet...those who lie don't fly that high,
When seen to be obvious and scanned...
By the ones awakened with eagle eyes.
Flying much higher and able to identify,
Those with clipped wings pretending...
Themselves to be victimized by left sorrows.

Those who lie don't fly that high.
They can't.
When wickedness becomes an addiction,
Those with this habit...
Will inflict anyone just for a fix.
Clipping their own wings in the process of it.

To then be heard screaming,
As vultures homemade and grown...
Depicted as lone rangers.
Determined to keep a feeding of taught greed,
Begin to drone in with it shown they care less,
Whose meat they pick to expose left bones.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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As they say, evil to him who speaks evil. Wickedness becomes an addiction. Lovely poem.