Those Who Made Choices

It is now a stinging,
That brings clear vision.
No favorites are protected...
As believed and once projected.

What one gives from the heart is returned.
If bitterness is inflicted...
Expect it to pay a visit!

There is no escape,
For those basking as if 'selected' ones.
Those who made choices...
In beliefs they are better than everyone!

Material gains can diminish in a minute!
Taking 'things' worshipped,
And leaving payments still unfinished!
Creditors without sympathy...
Only know that bottom line!
They want what is theirs...
Caring less who now whines!

With heads held high,
And with egos held even higher...
As people like these,
Now live in dire regret and remorse...
That clouds and transpires!

A course they chose...
To be separate from 'them' and 'those'!
As they sift through memories,
Hoping to find their minds....
While standing in lines,
For a meal and a change of clothes!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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nicely done Lawrence I like this one too