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Those Who Spread Propaganda

Those who spread propaganda believe in their own lies
And many grow old and sillier and few grow old and wise
And the silly never question what they want to believe
Though the information they read them is meant to deceive.

Major lies are spread by those with power for to start a major war
For to try out their weaponry of mass destruction no journey seems too far
And whilst poor and innocent people die in bombing raids far away
For to thank their God for their war victory they go to church to pray.

They use terrorism as an excuse for war two wrongs never make a right
At their disposal they may have power but their souls bereft of light
Their will on other people they do try to impose
But out of their thoughts and their ideas violence and hatred only grows.

Those who spread lies and propaganda that to war, death and suffering lead
Of the bad karma that awaits them they have planted the seed
And we only believe what we want to believe though we have been told lies
And many grow old and sillier and few grow old and wise.

by Francis Duggan

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