Those Who Sympathize Do Not Pretend

When a quantity lacks quality.
And a marketing of garbage is anticipated.
Since garbage and trash thrive with medocrity.
How can anyone identify a high standard?
When reproductions are more suitable,
To those with aspirations just to be exposed...
To the theme of things.
And not to origins of originality seeped in innovation.

Or wish to come into contact with its depth!

That would involve a patience to comprehend,
Such motivation.
And comprehension is not the intention,
When some begin to pretend!

They may be patrons.
Fun seekers who enjoy being in the presence,
Of whatever it is prioritized at the moment.
But sympathizers they are not!
And those who sympathize do not pretend,
When there is something they know about truth...
In one's artistry.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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