Those Who Value The Emptiness Of 'Things'

They were raised with beliefs,
They should compete.
Brothers and sisters...
Separated by jealousies,
And envy condoned.

They speak of favorites...
Picked and solicited,
By parents who thought of them
As part of a litter.

Not one of them knew love...
Since this was not shown.
And that which is not known,
Is reflected by shallow misgivings.

And in an environment
That offers deception to shine
Behind the minds of those
Who value the emptiness of 'things'...
Over a missing self worth!
Flourishes in deceit.

Diminished in those,
Still holding onto its existence!
Is an encouragement self contained.
Yet showing an absence that craves,
An attention too long ignored!

But then again...
Truth has not been welcomed,
As a friend either!
And this is widely reflected,
From generation to generation
Of those obsessed to possess...
Costly sensations,
To appease a loss unprevented!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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