Those With Goals Know

If one's only ambition,
Is to go to college...
Just to say one goes to a school,
May not be for one as advantageous...
As that goal focused upon,
By one who is determined...
With a sticking to it as is pursued?

If this direction...
Has been thoughtfully mapped,
One undecided...
Can escape from extracurricular traps.

If one has an agenda,
To a dream that has been attached.
One can party throughout college life,
Without worrying how or to whom...
To pay this expense back.

Those people,
With a 'Cry Me a River' approach to life...
And believe that a catching up on time,
Will extend their daylight...
May have waited a few minutes too late,
To open the gate.
With a belayed working towards that high paying job,
That has as of today...
Been erased from the landscapes from wherever,
These visions and dreams have been portrayed.

Since those with goals know,
A sacrificing is what it takes.
Since those with goals know,
A prerequisite to obtain an image...
A lecturing done,
Will not produce those lucky breaks.

Those with goals know,
Staying devoted requires discipline.
Since those with goals know,
A motivation isn't teachable.
Nor will a feeding of an unending feast,
Degreed by an education...
Guarantees anyone,
They can choose and select...
Exactly what to eat.

Those with goals know,
What is applicable to others...
May not deliver to them,
A supplying of their wants and desires to feed.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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