Those With Lots Of Love In Them

Those with lots of love in them are generous, caring and kind
And to the helping of those in need of helping are readily inclined
They are known to perform their good deeds every day
They do look at life in a positive way
The people who give without expecting to receive
That they are in the World for the betterment of humanity they do believe
Those with lots of love in them have an abundance of love in their mind
In refugee camps and war zones helping the wounded and hungry their sort you will find
In the towns and cities helping those sleeping rough
They devote so much of their time to those doing it tough
Of news headline makers never to the fore
But the Human World of their sort is in need of far more
For a better World to live in for the very poor they are planting the seed
Those with lots of love in them are great people indeed.

by Francis Duggan

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