Those With Love, Have The Greatest Wealth

I talk with my friends,
And know that those with love,
Have the greatest wealth,
The ultimate highlight of life,
Being wonderful health.

Those with love,
Don't need to be someone they're not,
For love accepts all people,
And never changes people,
And never tries to control them,
Those with the greatest wealth,
Have the greatest love.

The sun shines in the morning,
Waking all those workers,
Dreading another day of work,
The hassle and pain of making money,
Wishing they were a rock star,
With millions of dollars at their disposal,

Where they can escape work,
And travel the world,
Being the one watching those at work,
Never one of the huddled masses,
But that is not true wealth.

For true wealth is love,
Wealth is friends and family,
It is smiling at the stranger,
You walk past on the street,
Wealth is caring about society,
It isn't about power or control,
For that you will lose your soul.

Love makes the world go around,
Love brings people off the ground,
And able to hear their voice,
As they speak up against others,
Trying to bring them down.

For we all have a voice,
We don't need to be brutal,
To be tough, we don't need to shout,
We need to say we've had enough,
And simply walk away.

So when you think of great riches,
Think of your great heart:
It will take you to places,
Beyond your wildest dreams.

by Paula Glynn

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