Those With Unenlightened Appetities

Opposition to a united position,
People are seeking and more than wish...
With intentions to mend and heal,
That which has been broken.
Reveals more each day...
A division amongst people inflicted,
And led astray does not pay.

Not for the ones held to limitations,
By those who wish their greed and selfishness...
Creates and establishes a strong foundation.
But instead have done more to produce conflicts,
Than insist a respect for all is needed with commitment.
If greatness is to exist to be for everyone to witness.

And not just a myth a few feast upon,
That is kept exclusively.
Until defeat widens the cracks that invite failure.
Showing an opposition to that which is right,
Seems always there to be on the side...
Of those with unenlightened appetites.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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very good one..i like the thought...