Those Words! Those Words!

Poem By Amber Smith

I don't expect you to fell my Pain
My Heart is torn, It has been Slain
Those Words, Those Words

How Could it be
That you love me
Never did I think they were'nt true
I was blind and had no clue
Those Words, Those Words

They once showed me that you cared
But, now you've taken away all that we've shared
Those Words, Those Words

You use to say them all the time
Now you only say them to be kind
Am I to forget and forgive
Or continue on and live?
Those Words, Those Words

For me they had meaning
They lit up my face and my soul was beaming
Those Words, Those Words

And in reply, I ment every word
It was part of me like wings to a bird
I guess sometimes good things have to come to an end!
So help heal my heart and Bring my soul to a mend!
Those Words, Those Words

But, forever will I remember
A warm day in September
Those Words, Those Words

You spoke them to me
And now you just going to walk away and Leave
They once were strong as a rock and gentle as a feather
But, now my soul crys in this stormy weather
Those Words, Those Words

Help me bring out the sun to dry my eyes
Let my heart free........
no more sighs
no more crys
No more pain only hope
Hope to hear another say
Those Words, Those Words

Comments about Those Words! Those Words!

I really like this one! a heart-rending beginning giving way to a soft and gentle finish! well done! ~Divina

4,8 out of 5
2 total ratings

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