MP (22 August 1961 / Chennai Tamil Nadu India)

Thou Art A Blossom

Thou Art A Blossom…..Brimmed With Melodies

Thou art a blossom that pierced my heart of love,
Each of thy winged petals whisper breeze of smiles
Wedded with unfathomable love in flow everywhere:
I traverse thro' oceans, thou art there, ‘cross seas,
Art thou in waves of beauty in their ebbs and tides,
I wander with the dancing clouds ‘neath the blue sky,
Thy visage I perceive in each stride I make,
I tread thro' woodlands, I hear thy voice of sweetness,
Thou appear into eyes while my journey is along the brook,
While I'm drenched in mellifluous shower from above
My heart is caressed with thy child-like smiles and gazes,
It's dawn when Cynthia still shines in her beauty,
In Cynthia's beauty thou art seen singing my love,
My heart dreams of thy thoughts while it's sunny,
Thou art fluttering like golden daffodils in joy
Even the curtain of the day drops its veil for stars in way,
I envisage thy sweetest face in each of star beams.
Thou hast made a bard of love brimmed with melodies
And Thou shalt dwell in my heart till the Muse of poetry lives.

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