Thou Art My Lute

Thou art my lute, by thee I sing,--
My being is attuned to thee.
Thou settest all my words a-wing,
And meltest me to melody.

by Paul Laurence Dunbar Click to read full poem

Comments (7)

A simple yet very profound love song. Thanks for sharing it here.
very straight from the heart
thy hand has power to give The meed of love- the cup of woe. The uncomplicated rhythm, nonostentatious vocabulary, and easy, almost natural rhyming belie the deeper beauty of this poem. The words do not get in the way of a sentiment expressed with natural power, like love itself.
Excellent poem. I like it very much.
A lovely poem of love.
With the flute of love! Nice work.
Fantastic rhythm and flow... Wonderful, touching sentiment... How can you people rate this @ 5.5? Duhh!