The Woods Are Deep...


the woods are deep

Robert Frost was lost

on that depth of a thirst.

the miles are beautiful

each on the road

like a thistle or a tulip.

Iam a sea gul.

how this panoramic blue

without any buoy

can give a hope.

the digital woods

will starve oneday

not with bean and berries

not with the sap of the earth..

can we make kababs

and taste a 'barbeque' grilled

flavour of foods,

with these

quantum computing gadgets..

Even our hunger and anger

will be pdf bytes and bits

roaming like cosmic corpses

in warped space.

my love is zoomed and sharp

with HD on its trembling lips

in which the ridges and curves

will never

toast a sipful kiss..

the ages ahead in AI

will doom with out

these mating bunnies..

the greeny grass are like

flames soaring and soaring..

the diamonds of morning dews

have become a myth..alas!


a poem by Epsi Ruthraa

by ruthraa e paramasivan esakki

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