==========thou O' Man=============

Poem By micheal udenyi

Thou O' man art great
quintessence of worthless glories
monstrous octopus beyond the mirrors of thought
vocanically erupted from the society of wombs

Oh that thine heart listened to the death groans of the world
colossal giant re-echoing ''thou O' man''
art in a state of homo homine lopus
bellum ominium contra omnes

Thou O' man art difficult, corrupt, evil
ungrateful, fickle, false, coveteous, tricky
deserving only shrewd, clever and merciless master
even at these, thou O' man art great

Thine centuries long grandiose dream is come to fruition
flawn like birds and explored the space
unleashed the atom, prolonged life span
conquered diseases and studied the logics in bios

As though that aint enough O' man
thou hast controlled solar energy and mesured the world
reached the moon and photographed the planets
thou O' man art at the centre of the cosmos

O' man, my man, perfect in every sense the image of God
enraptured in the euphoria of illusive passions
O' temptous past! tormentous present! uncertain future!
Unbelief, unbelief of man in himself

Wherefore didst thou ostracise thy God?
how now canst thou face misforfortune all alone?
who says thou canst endure suffering and accept death?
for all that thou hast He made, thou did only but discover
of a truth '' thou canst only be governed with guns''

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