Thou Swell

Swell as we are, getting together is a difficult hazardous par
Diversity is worsity with one half below average smarts and purity
Forefathers earned capitalism and Democracy, all else is idiocy
Lawmakers have a ponderous job amid vast offers by lobby mob
Re-election's need for effort and money makes terminal,—it or us?
We need ONE TEN YEAR TERM for House, Senate and Executive Top
After ten years elect one fifth every two years, sequence by lot
Lawmakers are conned by lobby mob, Academicians bare the truth
To help lawmakers we rotate truth to Dc hamlet for them, deluxe
The Vote, the why and how of Democracy needs age for experiency
Keep Us Great Basic to living, for wealth work well, at work, some greatly excel
Excel with sweat and pain, to ring the bell and gain a reign
Building so well, others content to dwell, for others???—Oh well! Others, to live, work for reign, sharing gain, sunshine or rain
Security or misery by chance, to such dilemmas Lawmakers dance
Add war, nuclear or worse, Nat'l debt, terrorism, the empty purse
Lawmakers make a place in a vicious race needing brains with lace Lawmakers, fingers on what counts, coercion mounts, money founts
To retain this grandiose place, Lawmakers must win reelection race
Obscene pressure, money for self-serving directions beyond measure
Re-election is worse problem we face, a fatal race we must replace One ten year term in House and Senate and Executive tops
After 10 years elect one fifth every two years, sequence by lot
After term and hot, an immense value to Nation employed in any spot Lawmakers are conned by selfish lobbies, Academicians bare the truth
Make Hamlet in DC, they rotate to for pay, homes an schools deluxe
Leaders from them get aid, not the self-interest lobby brigade
Get in their licks in vital politics, by their great IQ tics To vote, the why and how of democracy, ones eligibility not free
The experience, intelligence and maturity of age should be the fee.

by George K. Marshall

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