Though they may say I am bad,
Though they may think I am mad,
Though it makes me feel real sad,
I will not serve a cruel god.

Though they may send me to Baghdad
To fight a crazed war in Iraq,
I will not totter, I will not rock,
I never will serve a bitter god.

Though I may not get people’s nod,
Though I may become poorly shod,
Though lightning strikes me like a Scud,
I shall not serve a stony god.

Be it Allah, Jehovah, Buddha,
Brahma, Jesus or whoever Christ,
As long as He violates others’ rights,
I cannot bow to a biased god.

However they play God as they may,
However they spray shells on my way,
However much they pay, long they stay,
Whatever they say, I will not pray.

by Gilbert Pangyarihan

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