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Thoughfond Memories Of What Was

Though fond memories of what was in me does remain
Perhaps i will never see Millstreet again
And in early spring hear the breeding frogs croaking in a flooded drain
When Clara is half cloaked in the gray fogs of rain

Though for there i have shed my last nostalgic tears
I have not been in Millstreet Town for thirty three years
Some i knew in the past in cemeteries lay
And some of them like me are ageing today

And some of them in Millstreet did not choose to stay
And from the home Parish are ageing far away
The clocks on our lives ever keep ticking fast
And all we have left are memories of the past

Though of them i have many a good memory
The fields of Claraghatlea i may never more see
Where i grew to love Nature as a young boy
And learning of her ways today i enjoy

Of the fields of the badger and waterways of the brown trout
It was my love of adventure that brought me far south
And only the memories with me does remain
Of a place and a town i may not see again.

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