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Though I'Ve Never Bothered To Ask Him

Though I've never bothered to ask him he told me of how he purchased a brand new car
And how he has been promoted to a managerial position in the company he works for up the corporate ladder he is climbing far
What can I say to him but well done since I'm not into dragging tall poppies down
There are plenty more willing to do that no shortage of them in the town
In truth I'd prefer not to meet him though success stories are nice to hear
The fact that he talks of self and self only to others himself he does not endear
To tell of his achievements does make him happy we are what we are does seem true
And for his material successes some credit at least he is due
To talk of self is not unnatural in moderation most things seem okay
But too much self praise can become boring that's how it does seem anyway
He is not one that I meet often of which I am happy to say
As such people I do not find interesting they never help to make my day
But it takes all kinds to make up humanity and we all look at life differently
And if in a big way he is into self promotion then that too is okay with me.

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