BL (08/28/1959 / Texas)

'Though Life Seemed Gloomy He Was Still Visible'

I looked north south east and west and all I saw was pain
Inside my heart all I could feel was distress
Seldom did I feel the warmth of the sunshine
For all I noticed was the rain…

I lay in my bed and I toss and turn
Thoughts of guilt and pain in my life
Within my mind continually burn….

Then I realized the moment and time
When I was feeling so low
I then thought of reasons why
Unto my father more often I did not go….

I know he was there in spite of my low feelings
For it could have been much worse than what I went through
Yes Lord at down times I have even said there was no need
For me to come crying and praying anymore to you…

So often we don’t see the sun for the rain
We seldom smile and enjoy your love and abundance
For we are trying to carry the load of our own pain….

But now I can vividly see the light again
For I should rejoice more often
For you have removed my every sin…

You’ve been so patient true and kind
Never giving to me what I deserved to be
Thank you Lord for your mercy and
Gentleness in dealing with me~…
©Copyright Becky LaPrarie 5/18/05

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