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Though Many Believe In

Though many believe in an afterlife beyond this Earthly shore
In the World that we live in we are mortals nothing more
Like every other life form we are born for to die
The sheep or cow or dog or cat no less mortal than I.

The great names of human history we may love to recall
But they live now in name only they were mortal after all
We may think we are special and for greatness we may strive
But the sharp scythe of the reaper none ever does survive.

There's only one immortal Nature and she lives forever more
The one who gives life to and sustains all of life forms from the north to the southern shore
and we are part of Nature though many with that would not agree
We look at the World through different eyes and a different World we see.

Though many believe in an afterlife none have come back to tell
Of an afterlife in another World or of a Heaven or a Hell
And the biological clock on us is ticking and time on none does wait
And on each and everyone of us there is a use by date.

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