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Though Many May Judge You Favourably

Your grand new home and Olympic sized swimming pool and your new mercedes car
Says nothing to me of you of the person that you are
Says nothing to me of you if of heart that you are kind
Money necessarily does not make us better people or towards generosity inclined
That you are a big company C E O with a five million yearly salary
Does not tell us of how great you are at least not so to me
Though many may judge you favourably for your material success
Your financial and material gains not everyone does impress
Are you one of those people who for your own ego live
And would you rather take and keep without wishing to give
Something back to the community to help those who are doing it tough
For those who are quite greedy enough never is enough
That many see you as a great success that fact none can deny
But by material gains and accumulated wealth one not ought to judge one by.

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