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Though More For Than Against

Many believe in this paradise known as heaven somewhere beyond the sky
Where good souls post bodily death with wings to does fly
And bad souls from the deceased body do fly to hell
Where they are condemned to angels never do dwell
For a good life after bodily death for their souls billions of people do pray
But whether their belief is right or not is not for me to say
Since i am not one of the religiously inclined
As is said of humanity they are of every kind
As in all groupings among religious people a majority good and a minority bad
To say that humanity to it can have a very dark side to say the least sad
So many heinous crimes have been committed in god's name
On the religion they say they belong to they only bring shame
Of a life for the soul after bodily death there is no guarantee
Though more for than against is how it seems to be.

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