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Though You Are Not Famous And Wealthy

Though you are not famous and wealthy and seen as a financial success
You are one of the town's more honorable people since others you have no wish to impress
You help anyone in need of your help and you live as generous and kind
And for to seek the plaudits of others you will never be that way inclined
One of the town's quiet achievers your praises others never sing
You are one who likes helping others and self promotion is not your thing
Your type of person worth admiring since for others you genuinely do care
The World needs more people like you with kindness and love for to share
In people like you there is hope for humanity in your words you never put anyone down
A credit to your mother and father and an asset to your side of the town
So humble and so unassuming but having said this sad to say
That down to earth unpretentious people are not the heroines and heroes of today
But the good not into self promotion since goodness only comes from within
And you carry on as you are doing making the Human World better to live in.

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