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Though Your Worth As A Writer

Though your worth as a writer you often may doubt
No shortage of things for you to write about
Of the lives of people and of Nature so much on paper to say
There are poems and stories for you to write of every day

Few writers do know of enduring fame
But to write for enjoyment it is never a shame
In writing as in life not all are equal made
But everyone is of some benefit to the wordsmith trade

In Nature there is so much for to love and admire
And of writing of her how could one ever tire
The natural beauty every day around us we do see
That to many writers Nature is an inspiration is how it seems to be

In the World not many writers seen to be worthy of note
Though many aspire to fame as a novelist or playwright or poet
In writing as in life for one to win many must lose
Though losing is something anyone does not choose

Though your worth as a writer you question every day
And in it for you never any money or fame in any way
The mantle of literary fame you never may don
But if you enjoy writing by all means write on.

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