I've been waiting for a while now
To see if you would come around
How I've missed you
How I've been wondering where you've been

It's been six months since I've talked to you
I can't help but wonder if you've forgotten me
That wouldn't surprise me if you did

All I can do is think of you
How you turned me around
You were always the one who made me smile
Even during my dark desire

I've tried to you call you but every time you never answered
Makes me wonder if you're with another
All those times we shared

All those storms we faced
Thought at least one of them mattered to you
But I guess I was just a fill in
Now I'm sitting here all alone wondering where I went wrong

Thought you cared about me
Thought at least you would return my calls
Thought by now I'd be over you but I can't see myself without you

April 18,2009
made up


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