AD (3/5/1984 / Colorado)


Totally confused, not knowing what path to take.
I lie in a puddle of hurt, tossed down by fate.
Thoughts of you tormenting me, I know not of what you do.
Working my mind to the bone, smelling your sweet perfume.

Caught in a tunnel, not guided by the light.
Emotions run rampant, my tears begin to take flight.
Wanting more than I know I can have.
Hating myself for the choice I made, knowing it was bad.

My love for you was always true, no matter what you think.
I finally felt connected to life, you were the missing link.
Every move that I make now, I promise is because of you.
The things you taught me, have made a man that is new.

I will never forget your touch, forever it I will feel.
The moments we spent were forever the best, I know that I am real.

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