Blazing Memory

As the Shell

Dreams to have a pearl in it,

After a long waiting

To know the sparkling blaze

Of a mother

The fruit full pain

Originated in me.

As the infant develop,

Like joining the beads

To form a completed jewellery,

The feeling of a mom

Grew like a blossomed plant.

Each and every touches

Of the baby,

Spread out thousands of gardens

In her heart.

When the gardens piled up,

And when flowers began

To spread out their attractive smell

The small pain that soothes

The mind ended

By the arrival of the pearl from the womb

The call of the pearl,

With the sweet little voice,

Hampered her from going deep

To the colourful memories.

She said adieu to her memories

To feel the true men

From her pearl, her baby.

by Ashly Raju

Comments (8)

'The world's more than the sum of things like moon, sky, centre, body, bed, as all the singing masters know.' - Wonderful! A great message of truth in just three lines! The last stanza epitomizes the beauty of the poem, particularly the last line.
Exquisitely beautiful portrayal of a lover's sentiments- real as well imagined. Thanks.
Side by side! ! ! Muse of love and life. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
to me this is an interesting statement about the real and the words we use to summon the real. the image of the two lovers in the last stanza is an excellent one for the intimacy it suggests as well as the part thought plays in that intimacy and the attraction that leads to it. -gk
A vey fine poem. congrats for POD
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