'Thought Is Surrounded By A Halo'

Show me the order of the world,
the hard-edge light of this-is-so
prior to all experience
and common to both world and thought,

by Gwen Harwood Click to read full poem

Comments (8)

'The world's more than the sum of things like moon, sky, centre, body, bed, as all the singing masters know.' - Wonderful! A great message of truth in just three lines! The last stanza epitomizes the beauty of the poem, particularly the last line.
Exquisitely beautiful portrayal of a lover's sentiments- real as well imagined. Thanks.
Side by side! ! ! Muse of love and life. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
to me this is an interesting statement about the real and the words we use to summon the real. the image of the two lovers in the last stanza is an excellent one for the intimacy it suggests as well as the part thought plays in that intimacy and the attraction that leads to it. -gk
A vey fine poem. congrats for POD
celestial sphere or stellar orbs grasps all thinking on variations color, shape and margin...... through thick and thin, depth and superficial...../// lovely poem
Highly imaginative poem nicely executed.
Such a wonderful poem by Gwen Harwood...............