Thought Just Thoughts It's Easier To Get Rid Of Them

i know who i want by my side this thought long hidden
so long ago i miss her still so long ago a touch between us
i know her face, i know her thoughts, i know her kiss and i can't kiss
her anymore
she's too far away and still won't be able to hurt another not only this
time it won't be just one but too many to go to her to kiss her again
her first touch moved me from so far away still i miss her from all my
soul she made me who i am today and i love you
i know her from her views and from her personality for her i've changed
and to her i'm sorry for every time i blamed her for my changes
she knows who she is she is the first that stole my heart only to break it
all over again and still i love her from so far away
i know her face, i know her kiss i've held her body i've kisses her lips
she stole my soul along with my heart and ran away i've tried to forget
but i guess i just can't
i know who i want now yet she is too far away from me right now and
all i can say is this i'm sorry i know i made you happy kitty but i'm
sorry for this

by joshua burckhard

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