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Thought Of A First Time Mother.
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Thought Of A First Time Mother.

Poem By Mai Venn

Mirror, my friend, you dare not tell a lie
As I gaze at my reflection and give a soft sigh.
My poor old tummy is no longer my own.
In the past nine months, I have gained a whole stone.

There - a kick - to make sure that I'm aware,
Some little one will very soon appear,
And there - another - just to let me know
That I have not very long more to go.

The time is right now and I must rush,
Oh, Dear God, Dear God, I'm ready to push.
Hush! What is that sound I do hear?
Oh, Sweet Jesus, You have answered my prayer!

A baby, as beautiful as an angel's smile.
In bewilderment, I hold you in my arms for a while.
One little hand that holds my finger
And how I marvel. Contentedly, I linger…

How little did I know back then
That I was to become the proud mother of ten.
Each infant gave me as much joy
And it made no difference either a girl or a boy.

I often think of the very first time
And that is why I composed this rhyme.
For all you mothers preparing to give birth.
It is the most wonderful of miracles on this earth

By Mai Venn.

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I just had my first baby and it felt u were writing from inside me I love this poem. Always a pleasure to read your poems
Such a delicate telling of motherhood and the beauty it holds when a child is born. All the things it does to a woman's body is alarming at first, but the miracle that ensues is the most wonderful one on earth. Proud mother of ten? ? How absolutely lucky you are to have them all! This is an inspiring poem, thank you for sharing it! RoseAnn