Thought Of Suicide

I want you to know i have thought of something,
that many think about, it was about 1 yr ago,
winter, white outside, land covered in snow,
Lonely, only my thoughts,
For I feel for I've sought,
Sad, feelings tore me apart,
Emotions, overwhelmed my heart,
Thoughts of this ran through my mind,
I tried my best to get back up,
from dusk till dawn, Day after day,
But inside my feelings remain,
I hid myself from the world,
In my Mind a thought' twirled,
Depressed, some might think,
it was emotion's that pushed me to the brink,
sitting like a kid sobbing and crying,
contemplated a thought, inside i was dying,
i tried to take my life,
in the kitchen i stood, holding a knife,
i fell to the floor,
i sat and cried for hours on end,
then suddenly a ringing,
a call from a friend,
i did not answer, but left was a message,
i sat thinking of life,
and all the things i would never do,
then an image appeared,
a little boy smiling,
the little boy was me,
innocent, young and happy,
it made me think,
i thought of my mom,
i felt her pain as if i was gone,
i thought of kids,
and the ones i shall one day have,
the feeling of me being a dad,
is what brought me to my feet,
for i will never think this again,
for the thought of new life, led me to think
how beautiful the world can be
kids really saved my life!
thats all i can say
in every way

by Ryin Ramsey

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hey beautiful write. i am glad you found a saviour.