Thoughtful Opposition

Easier it is to want and wish.
Than it is to sacrifice time required,
With it done to tolerate a patience...
Without hesitating to procrastinate,
About the time it takes to then waste it.

Many want their words heard,
To have others hear their unsolicited opinions.
As they do nothing but sit to not lift a finger.
But first they are the ones to expect,
A getting to receive some benefit for their efforts.

'I kept telling them what it was they should do.
But they refused to listen to me.'

~Perhaps that's the reason,
They were able to accomplish what they've done.
Some would have left to seek other places to run.~

'But look how long it took them to succeed.'

~What difference does that now make?
They started with wishes to finish.
And with faith and belief.
While dismissing those who spoke of their defeat.~

But at least they could show me,
An appreciation for my support.'

~I think they have.
They have proven by taking the lack of it,
To show everyone...
Remaining motivated and focused,
Anything attempted can be accomplished.
And successfully.
Even in the presence of 'thoughtful' opposition.~

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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