Thoughtless Is A Wrecklessness

It's too precious to be wreckless with it.
Life to live.
Too precious it is,
To treat as if a toy.
Becoming annoyed.
With this gift of a blessing.
Bestowed from God to get.

Not too many everyday,
Get up from their beds.
To pray and/or say,
How thankful they are.
And seem unable to be grateful.
Most awaken each day,
With left over attitudes.

It's too precious to be wreckless,
With a life to get.
Not to treasure it.
Or believe God is there,
Invisible and everywhere.
Anticipating to dispense love.
Concern and understanding.
To those complaining to expect,
God will remove...
Anything that upsets them.
Without expressing a second of gratefulness.
Yet expect,
Miracles to them be seen.

Not too many everyday,
Get up...
And pray to be thankful.
But will express a faith to have.
Whenever it is convenient.
To believe God will be impressed.
When they find some time,
In their duress...
To expect from God,
An immediate relief...
That frees them from a grief.
Consciously invited upon themselves,
To choose to do.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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