Thoughtlessness Has Its Limits

Loneliness in the pool of awareness,
Is a swim done to do...
That begins with doubt to start.
Until bored one gets,
To wade with others in a shallowness.
And then steps to take to test the depth,
With an effort made that can scare one to death.

And that loneliness becomes further distanced.
When one realizes,
Being aware is less and not more accepted.
Others fear leaving,
The comfort of accepted shallowness behind.
Overwhelmed by suspicion of those they find,
With minds of deeper depths.

Their thoughtlessness has its limits.
And confines those mindless,
To expectations awaiting...
From others remaining shallow.
With suspicions kept,
Of the ones aware and depths to explore...
As the ones they should ignore.
And they do to find themselves complaining more,
About living their lives feeling used.
Abused and tricked repeatedly.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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