AC (16 Nov 1953 / Jammu)


thoughts swirl around,
in my mind, like a friend,
whos always there,
sometimes calm and placid,
like a lake on who's suface
not a ripple is even there,
sometimes chaotic, like a sea
angry, rough, dark and wild
sometimes happy,
like a mother with her newly born child,
sometimes worrying, niggling,
like an itch that wont go away
sometimes reminding me of things
I really do have to say,
thoughts are my constant friends,
never leaving my side,
sometimes they are my enemy,
and sometimes a helpful guide
and often when they are dark and deep
when all seems sad and blue,
they are chased away by thoughts
of hope,
and a deep faith born anew,
but best of all are the thoughts
that God does send to me,
keep faith and lasting peace always,
unhappy youll never be,
the mind is never silent
its we, who hold the reigns,
its up to us to steer it right,
and guard from sorrows and pains.

by Arti Chopra

Comments (3)

A very naked truth you have revealed with your well composed poem where words have been neatly knitten. Can you comment on my short poems below? - Regards. In life devote yourself to love and joy Be like an innocent boy, Those who live, in the end must all die Live as if you are above the sky. I watched the birds on nature’s altar, Playful, in flight, and merrily flutter. Thus opened the doors of my eyes and ear, Learnt each moment to remain in cheer. I’d never be born, If my coming were up to me, I’d go with scorn, If my going were on my wish Isn’t it better that in this world, so old and mulish Never to be born. Neither stay, nor torn away be? Same hands that formed this earth, And caused for us to take birth. Same hands that led us hence, and when done, Will take us away, as if we are none. Be aware of each moment, Live in the now, and be present. Worry for morrow shalln’t make sense, Care for the now and lead life in prudence. When defense we let fall, To our sense we recall. Realize that it is pertinent, No more to trade with the present. Hunting for knowledge in childhood we rise Until we become clever and wise, But if we look back with inner eyes This world is tied with lies. On one fine morning I heard a saintly ring, News of love and joy it did bring. Running after unimportant is the worst crime, Peacefully lead life till the end of your time. A future dream is always vain wish With disquiet we always relish, I therefore want to accomplish Little works well till their finish. Why was my seed sown? Why was I ever given life? Why having to live all alone with no relief? Did this universe receive me on this belief? That I can be hired and fired with grief? If so, I’d never be born to stay and strife. Oh men, let us not think of the future Relish this moment, far from furore, Life is a gift that we have to bear But ends in nothing, if you peer.
nice work Arti...good
Every thought in our mind is a prayer to God. Beautiful work.