Unseen beliefs
Shattered thoughts
Sounds of ever lasting gun shots

Possible separation
Undeniable hate
Unable to bare the excruciating wait

Intoxicating lies
Untold secrets
Feeling of pain bares you speechless

Forgotten love
Overlapping denies
Drowning yourself in other peoples cries

Developing habits
Unknown consequences
Trying to understand life in your own sentences

Mixed emotions
For seeing truth
accidental murder, trying to hide the proof

Unforgettable silence
Intensifying screams
never giving up on your life long dreams

Punctured voices
Shattered tears
Getting back at your life long fears

Positive views
Negative insight
Throwing away all your problems over night

by Dean Morris

Comments (2)

Dean: I just read your 4 poems, at only 17, you seemed to have been around the block. If you ran for president, you would definitely have my vote Dave......... keep writing anyway
That was truly excellent. One of the best poems I have ever read. Well done mate.