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Silence finds me again today,
Among the chaos and Disarray,
Pondering about thoughts unclear in mind,
For which answers, one day I’ll find.

Though on family and of friends,
Beginnings and of ends,
Love and of life,
The future and one Day, A wife.

Of Heaven and of Hell,
And why creation fell.

Free will, a gift given to us by God,
Free to choose of choices abroad,
The gift a blessing, that we abuse,
Sinning, unceasing, Purity we lose.

But God sent his Son, one so dear,
To die on the cross, our sins were cleared,
Believers may go up there, one day,
But for now, until death, here we stay.

The only answer for now I know,
But the rest only time will Show.

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incredable work.....every person in a world that we live in takes everything given to them for granted