TTO ( / Washington State)


It's just a golden oldie afternoon
A time to remember and review
The starlings and sparrows are playing hide and seek
Next to the In and Out bird bath 'neath the Mulberry
Footsteps from my past tip-toe in
As i revel in remembrance of the California Redwoods
Santa Monica Pier, and Muscle Beach
Just a childs snapshot of pure paradise
Where vacations usually always meant California;
Fast forwarding to this day
Wrapped in it's new September hues
Russet, copper, orange, and gold, soon to emerge
Bidding August a fond but much needed adieu
Saying good-bye to the sizzle that turned our land
Into burned layers of dried hay;
I have become infatuated with the new fragrances
My spirit lifts with a gentle abandon
Awake in the new progression of circumstances;
Pain visits me this day as she did yesterday
And serves as a reminder of my not so solid home;
Yet, awake with the knowledge of what the mirrors of
Time have pulled out from the woodwork, hiding...
A new name, yes, another has emerged...
From the Lone Star State to the great lakes & Wisconsin cheese...
We now have, yet, another name, and he's keeping tabs on me!
Embracing all new knowledge with all past joyful remembrance
I breathe in and out, making every moment count for something...
Thanking God, for all of this new and wonderful light!

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