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BAP (September 1958 / New York City)


Poem By Bobbie Ann Pimm

mere words
unspoken and unwritten

out of nothingness
into nothingness
unless expressed
made real

Some thoughts return over
and over
and over
and over again

Some are transitory

No one else thinks
as I do
Some may think
like me
But not the same
as me

My reality is
mine to think
my perceptions
my feelings
my thoughts

mere words
unspoken and unwritten

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Comments (2)

There is a poem in our Tamil language. One can tame the wildest tiger in the forest, one can tame the toughest shrew, one can even walk on water, but it is very much difficult to control the flow of thoughts. It is a fact that a thought leads to a desire, a desire to an action, an action to a habit, a habit to a character and a character to a destiny. Once a thought is controlled at the initial stage, the final outcome of destiny can be controlled. A good thought provoking poem you have written.
we all seem to live inside our own reality, nicely expressed, thanks