Oft times I stop and wonder,
Where with God I stand
I wonder what His purpose was
When He placed me on this land.

I wonder what I might have been
2000 years ago
When Jesus walked upon the earth
Teaching to friend and foe.

Would I have been a boatman
Fishing the Galilee
Or a greedy tax man
Collecting the governor's fee.

Perhaps, a lauding statesman
Running government affairs
Or, a tiller of the soil
Raising corn, wheat, and tares.

Perhaps He meant for me to teach,
The sinners and the poor
Leading them from darkness into light
Thru Salvation's open door.

As my thoughts wandered on
A still, small voice spoke to me
saying, "dwell in the present,
Not the past.
You are what I made you to be."

by Burnell Raphael

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