AM (July,1975 / Indiana, United States)


There is a gentleness to sorrow that tames the savage soul.
Where fear is only an illusion and time is forever on hold.

There is a wildness to pain that pierces the hungry heart.
Where vulnerable emotions find their place to start.

There is a tearfulness to laughter that mocks the mindful muse.
Where words escape and the heart is continually misused.

There is a greatness to anger that fuels the restless rage.
Where indignant behavior adorns the gilded cage.

There is a uselessness to trust that sears the broken bird.
Where voice is futile and words never get heard.

There is a tenderness to spirit that creates calamity.
Where joy is forever replaced with useless insanity.

Copyright 2006 A.J. McKinley

by A.J. McKinley

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Maybe just a few thoughts by you, but you obviously put alot of thought into them Love duncan X