AS (12-19-52 / Boston Ma.)


The creator had a thought and not a plan
All else on earth the result from the mind of man.

Who establishes right from wrong
Who are the 'believers'; can anyone belong?

Every church, temple and mosque
Religions supported at human cost.

Man defined and described
Who was to be the chief and medicine man; of each tribe.

Man sacrificed both son and daughter
Young warrior boys and virgins led to the slaughter.

God of nature and in the sky
The Hebrew chose when their God was alive.

Within 500 years the slaves of a nation
Free citizens and their children, just another human relation.

Men surrender their lives for an ideal
Women sacrifice for what is real.

Men kill and destroy
Women carry and deliver mankind's continuity; whether girl or boy.

Men make weapons of mass destruction
Uses them and wonders why they can not see the resurrection.

Men like power to manipulate and control
Women carry earth's future souls.

Men are the rulers and makers of all laws
Intimidate through fear to die for an idealistic human cause.

Man has usually done
The will of the evil one.

Men speak and write and interpret religious law
Yet they sanction killing their own in a holy war.

Men kill school children on a school bus
Then sit a a peace table and say; 'you can trust us'.

Man's seed has been planted where ever he goes
Only the carrier and her God truly knows.

Man kills the carrier of the word when they arrive
Religion is born out of death and sometimes a lie.

Man has been everything but seldom clever
But a Mother, wife, or sister, or daughter; Never.

A philosopher seeks refuge with his own
Seldom knows of those who toil for family and home.

A teacher speaks to children about what someone else has said
Comprehension and validity in testing, writing, and what has been read.

Discovery, knowledge and thought
Crucial for mankinds future, must be taught.

We cannot go back in time to change or make amends
Life on earth is for now and the future we cannot portend.

Money is not a panacea or resolve
Only the people's support and input will solve.

Money only increases our wants and not needs
Inside the human mind lay discoveries seeds.

Thoughtful theory produces knowledge of understanding
We do not control time so why are we so demanding?

Application of knowledge leads to invention
The mind needs only to think for purpose of retention.

You can lead a horse to water but cannot make it drink
Nor can a woman be invited and told not to contribute or think.

10-07-05 Aho Speaks

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Edgar Allan Poe

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